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Thousands of schools around the world look to ReThink as a positive way to help students become positive digital citizens. The ReThink program includes educational curriculum tailor-fitted to different grade levels, the ReThink technology for all of your students, and several opportunities to enable students to become leaders in the fight against cyberbullying. The ReThink program has spread to students across the globe. We see one example of this reach in ReThink's introduction to over 1.3 million students in the State of Michigan by State Attorney General Bill Schuette as part of the OK2SAY program.

Our ReThink program specialists will work very closely with the school to customize a roll-out plan that fits the technology needs and curricular structure designed best for your sponsor school. This program gives the peace of mind to address cyberbullying at its roots at your school by empowering students to make right decisions online - before the damage is done.

Give the gift of ReThink to schools in your local community! At ReThink, we believe that every child deserves to feel safe online, and we know that you do too. ReThink's unique and effective approach to stop cyberbullying before the damage is done has inspired philanthropists and upstanders everywhere in a mission to make ReThink a reality across the globe. If you're interested in sponsoring a school, fill out the form below.

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ReThink is more than technology. It's a movement. Find out how we can join forces to end online hate