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Nominated students take up leadership roles in ReThink chapter at their school or community and help empower young students to ReThink before posting hurtful messages online. After being nominated by a teacher, counselor, or administrator, nominators and students work with the ReThink Team to assume formal roles in their chapter. These student leaders organize activities throughout the school year in conjunction with their school or college’s administration to promote awareness of online and in-person bullying and to create a tolerant, inclusive environment for communities at your school or college.

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Please see the ReThink Chapter FAQ's to learn more about the program.

If you are a student, please request a ReThink chapter advisor/administrator, teacher, faculty member from your school, library, or community institution to use the form below to nominate you for student leadership role in a ReThink chapter.

If you are a ReThink chapter advisor/administrator, teacher/faculty member at a school with ReThink chapter, please use the form below to nominate student leaders at your school ReThink Chapter.

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